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Zdeněk MíkovecOctober 14, 2010 00:45 0 Archive, NUR, xmikovec, D1, benesj1, ZM-SAMPLE

Instruction for deliverable submission of NUR/PDA/PUR students:

Sample post of the student benesj1, delivering D1 of the project ZM-SAMPLE for the course NUR attending practice of Zdenek Mikovec (xmikovec).

Please strictly fill in following tags:

1. course acronym (NUR, PUR, PDA)

2. deliverable number - e.g. D1

3. user name of your practice teacher (e.g. xmikovec, vystrjan, polacond, sporkaa, francjak)

4. your user name

5. acronym of your semester project (required for projects from external partners like Rockwell or IBM Research)

Do not forget to attach the document(s) with the deliverable.


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