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Zdeněk MíkovecSeptember 20, 2012 10:59 0 PDA, xmikovec, D1, vohlbon41, ABC-XYZ, Menu, rozenvol39, tukovr27

Instruction for deliverable submission of NUR and PDA students:

Sample post of the student team (rozenvol39, tukovr27, vohlbon41) delivering D1 of the project ABC-XYZ for the course PDA attending practice of Zdenek Mikovec (xmikovec).

Please strictly fill in following tags:

  1. course acronym (NUR, PDA)
  2. deliverable number - e.g. D1
  3. user name of your practice teacher (e.g. xmikovec, malyi1, balatjan)
  4. user names of all members (each member one tag)
  5. acronym of your semester project
  6. attach document(s) with following naming: abc-xyz-rozenvol39-tukovr27-vohlbon41-d1 (the user names should be in alphabetic order)


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